Exercise #4 (passwd)

jdoe:x:502:1000:John Doe:/home/jdoe:/bin/bash

The exhibit for this question contains a line from the file '/etc/passwd'. Which of the following statements is true, based on the information in the exhibit?

A. User John Doe belongs to the group with groupID 502.

B. Shadow passwords are used on the current system.

C. The username 'jdoe' belongs to the group 'jdoe'.

D. Members of groupID 1000 can read directory /home/jdoe.

Exercise #3 (cp)

Assume that your current working directory is '/tmp' and your home directory is '/home/jack'. Which of the below commands will copy all the content of '/tmp/test/' to a 'test' subdirectory of your home directory?

A. cp -r test/* /home/jack

B. cp -r ./test ~

C. cp -r ~/test .

D. cp -r /tmp/test /home/jack/test

Exercise #2 (passwd)

Explain the different fields in /etc/passwd?

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