1. Use rsync to synch backup.tar.gz locally into the /home/exercise/ folder...

2. Command to sync all files from /home/sourcedir/ onto a remote machine ( into the /home/targetdir/ folder

3. Copy/sync a File from a Remote machine to a Local machine with Rsync / SSH, what's the command to achieve this ?
Server IP:
Source Directory and file: /home/mysource/backup.tar.gz
Target local directory : /home/targetdir/

4. Is it possible to use rsync only to copy files from a remote source to a remote destination ?

5. What's the command to transfer files between 2 REMOTE locations, HOST1 and HOST2 using ssh and rsync

HOST1 hostname : myremotehost
HOST2 hostname : yourremotehost
HOST1 source directory : /home/myremotehost/sharedfiles/
HOST2 target directory : /home/yourremotehost/received/